Know the inner dimension of personal growth and well-being. A practical yogic approach to success, happiness, self-improvement, and spiritual transformation. A powerful sequence of Mantra, Pranayama, Hand Mudras and Meditation. Conducted by Bipin Joshi in Thane.

Meditation & Mindfulness for Working Professionals

Meditation as taught by Bipin Joshi is built on the foundations of time proven principles of classical yoga and consists of a powerful sequence of energized Mantra, Pranayama, Hand Mudras and Meditation. Together these kriyas purify the energy channels, calm the mind, open the Chakras and awaken the Kundalini leading to spiritual transformation of the practitioner.

Manage stress and work pressures
Become more productive and energetic
Improved focus and grasping
Promotes healing and rejuvenation
Helpful in fostering stronger relationships
Opens chakras and awakens Kundalini
Foundation for spiritual transformation

About the Mentor - Bipin Joshi

Bipin Joshi is a software consultant, an author and a yoga mentor. He embraced the path of classical Yoga more than 22 years ago and teaches meditation to selected individuals. His style of teaching presents an integrated and holistic approach to the subject and consists of energized Mantra, Pranayama, Hand Mudras and Meditation.

Although Bipin got introduced to yoga during his childhood, his real journey on the path of yoga and spirituality started when he miraculously came across Dnyaneshwari written by Saint Dnyaneshwara, a 13th century yogi of the Nath tradition. The poetic rendering of the Kundalini Yoga from Dnyaneshwari mesmerized him completely and he took to the practice of yoga as described in the ancient yoga texts. In due course of time he received intense Shaktipata and Swapna Diksha from his Ishtam followed by Kundalini awakening in the temple of Lord Shiva situated at Tryambakeshwara.

In addition to authoring 10+ programming books for international publishers such as WROX and Apress, Bipin has authored two books - Devachya Davya Hati and Nath Sanketinchaa Danshu - in Marathi elaborating his own experiences of spiritual awakening and the path of Kundalini Yoga.

Bipin is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a former Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). You may read more about him here.

देवाच्या डाव्या हाती
कशी होते कुंडलिनी जागृती? जागृती नंतर पूढे काय? प्राचीन योगग्रंथात उल्लेखलेले अनुभव आजही खरोखरच येतात का? या सर्व प्रश्नांची उत्तरे देणारे अनुभव कथन. एक नवखा साधक ते योगी या प्रवासात लेखकाला आलेल्या अडचणी आणि त्याने मोठ्या जिद्दीने त्यांवर केलेली मात याचे प्रभावी वर्णन या पुस्तकात आढळते. लेखक बिपीन जोशी यांचे विस्मयकारक स्वानुभव आणि प्रभावी मार्गदर्शन. अधिक वाचण्यासाठी येथे जा.
नाथ संकेतींचा दंशु
कुंडलिनी योगमार्ग विनाकारण गुढतेच्या आणि क्लिष्टतेच्या वलयात झाकोळला गेला आहे. सर्वसामान्य संसारी साधक कुंडलिनी योगमार्गापासून दूरच राहिला आहे. सर्वसामान्य साधकाला समजतील, जमतील आणि फायदा मिळवून देतील अशी मूलतत्वे आणि साधना यांचे सहज सोप्या भाषेत विश्लेषण करणे हे या पुस्तकाचे मुख्य उद्दीष्ट आहे. लेखक बिपीन जोशी यांचे प्रभावी आणि स्वानुभवाधिष्ठित मार्गदर्शन. अधिक माहितीसाठी येथे जा.

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