" You begin with breath and mantra. Slowly Prana, Mantra, Nada, and Light are revealed in their yogic sense. That is when meditation brings you enormous joy, bliss, and wisdom.
-- Bipin Joshi
Software Consultant | Meditation Teacher

Course Outline and Content

This course teaches you a set of five meditative practices called Kriyas. Each Kriya consists of a specific breathing pattern, mantra, mudra, and meditation. The brief outline of this five day course is given below.

Day 1 : Chakras -- The seven gates of Kundalini system

You will be introduced to Ajapa Yoga and Chakra system. Precise chakra locations and the root mantra of Ajapa Yoga Kriyas will be conveyed along with proper instructions. You will be advised to prepare a meditation kit consisting of a few items that help you enhance the meditation practice. You will be taught Kriya 1 for purifying five great elements and opening all the seven chakras with the help of breath and mantra.

Day 2 : Nadis -- Ida and Pingala balancing

Nadis are energy channels that carry Prana from one place to another. There are 72,000 such energy channels spread throughout the body. Out of all these Nadis Ida and Pingala are considered important because they can induce purification and balance in all the other energy channels. The Kriya taught on Day 2 helps you purify and strengthen the Pranamaya Kosha and establishes a sense of balance in your personality.

Day 3 : Sushumna -- The royal pathway for Kundalini

As per Yogic scriptures, the latent reservoir of evergy in human body is called Kundalini. Through various yogic practices the sleeping Kundalini residing at the root chakra is made to move through the central energy channel called Susumna. The Kriya taught on Day 3 helps you awaken the sleeping Kundalini and make Her ascend to the higher energy centers.

Day 4 : Shambhavi -- Shambhu's beloved mudra

Shambhavi Mudra has been given great importance in ancient yogic scriptures. Lord Shiva is often depicted sitting in this mudra. There are several ways, simple to complex, to master this important practice. On Day 4 you will be taught a Kriya that helps you master this mudra easily without going into difficult and complex techniques. This Kriya helps you activate Adnya Chakra or third eye for the purpose of gaining spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Day 5 : Ajapa Japa -- Perform daily duties with spiritual focus

Performing your Kriya and Meditation routine is just one part of the story. You also need to learn to spiritualize the rest of your day. Many people find it difficult to maintain their spiritual mood when they start the daily chores of life. The Kriya taught on Day 5 helps you overcome this difficulty by spiritualizing small pockets of time throughout the day.

Each day ends with a complete guided meditation session that reinforces all the Kriyas learned during the previous sessions. You can ask your queries and doubts anytime during the course.