Ajapa Dhyana and Kriya Session Content

Ajapa Yoga is an ancient technique of meditation and mindfulness that takes your mind into deep meditative states quickly and effectively. Ajapa Yoga is a master key to Kundalini awakening and spiritual progress. Ajapa is an important and integral practice of Shaiva, Datta, and Natha sampradayas.

All the prominent yoga scriptures sing the glory of Ajapa. However, the the actual practice of this highest technique is only briefly explained. We have given the basic form of Ajapa elsewhere on this website. You will also find the basic technique of Ajapa explained in our books Devachya Davya Hati and Natha Sanketincha Danshu. Just like most of the yogic techniques, Ajapa Dhyana is best learned under the guidance of an expert teacher well-versed in the art and science of classical yoga.

In these sessions you are taught a set of Kriyas, each kriya consisting of a carefully knitted combination of Mantra, Sukshma Pranayama, Mudra, and Meditation. At the end of the course you will have developed a daily practice routine of 21 minutes.

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